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#1282 PRMG - remove the "typically" statement change request accepted

SFIA v3 introduced a caveat to the description of a project; I don't think this is needed anymore and in some use cases of SFIA (e.g. software engineering) it is unhelpful as it emphasises "Enterprise IT" SFIA users to the detriment of others.

SFIA v3 introduced a caveat to the description of a project.

The management of projects, typically (but not exclusively) involving the development and implementation of business processes to meet identified business needs.

At that time the industry had an emphasis on ensuring a focus on delivering IT for business needs.

This now looks like an unnecessary caveat and could appear to excludes project management in Software Engineering environment which are not focussed on business processes (aerospace, defence, telecomms infrastructure).

Proposed change applies to Project management

Current status of this request: accepted

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