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#1309 New Skill: Learning Experience Design change request accepted

Learning Experience Design is a new skill that is born of the digitisation of learning and a shift in focus from learning content to learner centric context

Learning Experience Design is the intersection of Design Thinking, Digital Marketing and User Experience applied to a learning environment. It is a new skill in the category of skills development. Learner Experience Design is a process, one that puts the learner at the centre and is intentional - there is always an end state in mind: the transfer of knowledge, the development of skills and changed behaviours.

Learning Experience Design is not about learning content it is about context and specifically context to the learner. This article published by BCS in 2016 explains Learner Experience Design in greater detail:

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

This is  new industry development and SAFIA should be able to support this.

What we changed

Can be described by relevant combinations of SFIA's existing UX and Learning design/Delivery skills. Guidance notes have been added to clarify this coverage.