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#1323 TEST - suggested changes for level 5 and level 6 change request accepted

Change request based on a review of skills associated with the Testing profession.

General comment: prevalence of use of “project” and “programme” throughout.  Perhaps some consideration could be given to using additional / alternative language e.g. just using “team” more. 

 Level 6

  • Think there needs to be some reflection of test management / policy setting at an organisational level. In the description it says “management of all testing activities within a development or integration project or programme”, but the majority of organisations have someone managing all testing activities within an organisation or organisational function.  Cf Release Management skill at level 6 – “Sets the release policy for the organisation”.
  • Description says: “Assesses and advises on the practicality of testing process alternatives, including automated testing.” – should perhaps change to reflect that automated testing is no longer considered a testing process alternative. Perhaps just remove the “including automated testing” part.
  • Description says “Determines project testing standards for all phases” which feels a bit waterfall and a bit project based – perhaps could just change to “determines testing standards for all development activities” or similar.

 Level 5

  • In line with CR #61, the progression through the skills reflects only moving to test management. It would be useful to have technical skills / technical specialisms reflected in Level 5 showing that you can work at a more senior level / higher skill level without being a test manager in charge of a project.  See my notes on the CR.

Download: Angela Martland -Testing Thoughts-2020-07.pptx (56.4KB)

Proposed change applies to Testing

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Included in review of Testing skills for SFIA 8.