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#1436 Network planning - NTPL - Remove from SFIA change request accepted

Network planning (NTPL) covers similar ground to Network design (NTDS) but adds no value beyond the more practical descriptions for NTDS. As NTDS is developed in SFIA 8, the proposal is to drop NTPL from the framework.

In SFIA v7, both Network planning (NTPL) and Network design (NTDS) are described only at Level 5 and Level 6.  For SFIA 8, NTDS is proposed to be developed and extended 'downward' to Level 3.  See Network design — English (

NTPL descriptions are brief and focus on setting service level agreements and planning networks to meet these. 

The high level specification of networks to meet business needs (e.g., performance, capacity, availability) is well covered by NTDS Levels 5 and 6.   (The proposed SFIA 8 descriptions are improved over v7 and may be further if required. 

Setting/agreeing and meeting service levels are fully covered in Service level management (SLMO).  See

Network planning will simply not be necessary to have as a separate skill.

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Include in review of Network design and related skills

What we changed

Network planning will be removed for SFIA 8.