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#13 SYSP - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering change request accepted

Some changes in emphasis and wording across the Skill description and skill level descriptions to ensure Software Engineering is addressed.

Areas to review:

  1. This is written only / primarily from an operational support point of view. i.e. it does not consider the skill of creating systems software.
  2. Requirement is to be able to describe skills for the creation of systems software not just maintenance - is that adequately covered in SFIA Software development/programming skill (PROG)
  3. Is Systems software the best terminology – does it add to the confusion between software engineering and systems engineering?
  4. Could this be combined with SFIA Systems installation / decommissioning (HSIN) or Porting / software configuration (PORT) skills


This change request is one of a number which are proposing revisions to SFIA to ensure it fully supports Software Engineering while retaining overall industry wide applicability and integrity.

The updates will support:

  • The Software Engineering & Technology industry, it's employers and professionals to close skill gaps, attract and retain talent and improve the performance and productivity of engineers
  • Alignment of Software Engineering training / accreditation
  • Professional development through the IEEE-CS and other professional bodies representing software engineers
  • Universities, technical institutes, and other higher education organisations to support professional education and accreditation and enhance the employability of their students

Skill requirements for Software Engineering have been cross checked against the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK)

Also need to consider the relationship (e.g. unique skills and overlapping skills) between Software Engineering and IT.

Proposed change applies to System software

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

SYSP was reviewed as part of SFIA 8 consultation

What we changed

SYSP retired from SFIA  in version 8 - content merged into IT infrastructure ITOP.

Julian Bass
Sep 17, 2017 09:49 PM

Good and useful enhancements