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#1325 Digital Credential Design change request accepted

Digital Credentials, sometimes known as Open Digital Badges, are a relatively new form of digital asset that provide a visible, verifiable, immutable and portable form of credential that is awarded on completion of learning and assessment. The design of Digital Credentials and credential programme (ie. collections of credentials), their relationship with skills taxonomies (eg. SFIA), learning activities and assessments is a new skill that falls within Learning & Development.

The design of Digital Credentials (Open Digital Badges), families of credentials and credential programmes is a new skill that falls within learning and development. It involves the identification, selection and arrangement of assessment objectives aligned with a competency model of knowledge, skills and behaviours for a subject domain. It further involves the assignment of learning activities, professional development activities and assessment types with each digital credential to provide verifiable evidence of attainment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that have been taught, developed and assessed.

Proposed change applies to Certification scheme operation

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Credential design is of growing importance and needs skills to implement effectively. The other learning related skills in SFIA were analysed in detail to see if they could be extended. This analysis concluded that a new skill was the optimum solution - but it should not focus only on "digital"

What we changed

A new skill Certification scheme operation has been created for SFIA 8.

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Oct 28, 2020 08:15 AM

A fantastic idea and also in sync with industry trend and supported by ALL major learning instances (Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learnings, ...)