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#1377 HWDE3 additional Skill at a lower Level requested change request accepted

New lower Level (HWDE) is to ensure adequate coverage for Digital Apprenticeships. This has already been added to the BCS SFIAplus detailed standard. All details including the additional six HWDE3 component descriptions are available on the BCS members protected site. Skill at a Level description is given below.

Suggested Skill at a lower Level to ensure adequate coverage for Digital Apprenticeships is given below. Further details on the SFIAplus detailed standard on the BCS protected members’ site.

Skill: HWDE
Level: 3
Skill at a Level description
Assists in producing simple infrastructure (hardware and related software) designs and specifications and translates simple logical designs into physical designs. Documents all work using required standards, methods and tools, including prototyping tools where appropriate.

Proposed change applies to Hardware design

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Suggestions have been reviewed and they appear to be better aligned to IT infrastructure - ITOP. 

What we changed

IT infrastructure ITOP has been refreshed.