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#1438 HSIN - improvements change request accepted

(1) The vintage SFIA skill "Systems installation/decommissioning" (HSIN) has become degraded so the skill-level descriptions for Levels 2, 3 and 4 include similar statements, which blur the distinction between levels of responsibility. Revised wording suggested. (2) The skill name is cumbersome. Suggestion is to simplify the name to "Systems installation" and include decommissioning as an example activity in the Guidance Notes.

(1) The descriptions for "Systems installation/decommissioning" skill-levels 2, 3 and 4 are not sufficiently different.

  • HSIN Level 4: "Undertakes routine installations and de-installations of items of system components." (Less responsibility than HSIN 3!)  
  • HSIN Level 3: "Installs or removes hardware and/or software, using supplied installation instructions and tools including, where appropriate, handover to the client."
  • HSIN Level 2: "Installs or removes system components, using supplied installation instructions and tools"

Improved wording, which also addresses other issues in the descriptions,  has been submitted to SFIA Design Authority for consideration, and is attached here for reference.

(2) The title "Systems installation/decommisioning" is unwieldy.  Suggested alternatives are:

  • Systems installation / decommissioning (with spaces around the '/', to allow elegant word-wrap)
  • Systems installation and decommissioning (which avoids the use of '/' and facilitates word-wrap) 
  • Systems installation (Preferred option)

Download: HSIN - SFIA 8 suggestions.xlsx (13.0KB)

Proposed change applies to Systems installation and removal

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Accepted into review of Systems Installation/Decommissioning skill.

What we changed

Skill re-named for readability. Skill level descriptions updated.