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#1281 VISL Data visualisation - Level 3 required change request accepted

Data Visualisation descriptions start from Level 4, with wording that suggests significant experience is already in place. A level 3 description is proposed for those working on visualisation tasks, without the breadth of technical skills to align with Level 4.

VISL Level 4 suggests a level of experience and confidence which seems more than expected for the lowest level available.  For example the description includes the selection of an appropriate approach.  this is entirely in line with the skillls I would expect a Level 4 practitioner should have.

For data roles where there is one product, with no choice of approach, analysts will still be able to apply a "variety of techniques".  At this level, the analyst will still be in dialogue with a data user to achieve the desired visualisation result. 

I suggest a Level 3 skill is required with the following wording, as first draft:

"Uses a visualisation product, as guided, to design and create data visuals. Selects appropriate visualisation techniques from the options available.  Engages with the target user to prototype and refine specified visualisations."

Proposed change applies to Data visualisation

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Supports entry level roles using this skill

What we changed

Proposed level 3 skill descriptions added.