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#1431 Reshape ITMG to Technical Service Delivery Management (and create ITOP5) change request accepted

Shift the focus of IT Management (ITMG) to be Technical Service Delivery Management... not technical management of IT Infrastructure. This provide a little more leeway for other technical managers outside of IT Infrastructure to claim the skill whilst fairly recognising their technical owner/management. Additionally, create IT Infrastructure (ITOP) at level 5 with a focus on owning IT Operations as a team lead / manager. This would be in line with other operational skills (e.g. Application Support (ASUP) or Network Support (NTAS) at level 5). Separate change request logged for this (I'll provide a reference in the comments once logged).

IT Management (ITMG) is currently limited by it's own description to the technical management IT infrastructure. There are many cases where a technical manager skill is required with wide responsibility for the delivery of a technical service (covering people, process, technology and with financial/planning responsibility), but there aren't great options in others skills. Service Level Management (SLMO) covers some aspects of responsibly for the agreement of service specifications and standards but not ownership for the delivery of the service.

The proposed draft text here is focussed on managed services, the thinking being that if the services are actively managed then largely the operational management skills (like the new proposed IT Infrastructure (ITOP) level 5) will cover the technical operational delivery activities.

Additionally there are IT Operational leaders (team leaders or managers) with a firm focus on the technical operations activity but with a specific focus that means ITMG is too broad for them. Some of the IT infrastructure management statements in ITMG5 (combined with some from SYSP5 which is proposed for merging into ITOP) would represent the expectations of someone working at IT Infrastructure (ITOP) level 5. Thus an ITOP level 5 description may be needed which will largely cover the IT operations management activities.

Draft proposed new skill description below.

Note - other changes to ITMG are under consideration and changes to other skills (e.g. GOVN) might impact the draft text below, so this is not intended as proposed final draft and should be considered as potential inspiration to be integrated with other changes.

Technical Service Delivery Management (ITMG) 

Overall description draft

The technical management of the delivery of IT (or IT-related) services and the resources required to plan for, develop, deliver and support such services and products to meet the needs of a defined set of customers. The preparation for new or changed services, management of the change process and the maintenance of regulatory, legal and professional standards. The management of performance of systems and services in terms of their contribution to business performance and their financial costs and sustainability. The management of bought-in services. The development and implementation of continual service improvement plans to ensure the managed services adequately supports business needs.

Level 7 draft

Sets strategy for management of technology service delivery resources, and promotes the opportunities that technology presents to the organisation, including the feasibility of change and its likely impact upon the business. Authorises allocation of resources for the planning, development and delivery of all IT managed services and products. Authorises organisational policies governing the conduct of change management initiatives. Maintains an overview of the contribution of service change programmes to organisational success. Inspires creativity and flexibility in the management and application of service delivery capabilities. Sets strategy for monitoring and managing the performance of managed systems and services, in respect of their contribution to business performance and benefits to the business.

Level 6 draft

Identifies and manages resources needed for the planning, development and delivery of a specified portfolio of technical managed services and systems. Engages with and influences senior level stakeholders and project teams through change management processes, ensuring that the specified services are developed and managed in line with agreed service levels, security requirements and other quality standards. Takes full responsibility for budgeting, estimating, planning and objective setting. Plans and manages implementation of processes and procedures, tools and techniques for monitoring and managing the performance managed services. Aligns the contribution of specified systems and services to clearly stated business and financial goals and performance targets. Monitors performance and takes corrective action where necessary and in line with policies. 

Level 5 draft

Takes responsibility for the design, procurement, installation, upgrading, operation, control, maintenance and effective use of specific managed services and monitors their performance. Provides leadership to those involved in service delivery, ensuring that agreed service levels, security requirements and other quality standards are met and all relevant policies and procedures are adhered to. Ensures that operational procedures and working practices are fit for purpose and current.  Provides appropriate status and other reports managers and senior users.  

Proposed change applies to Technology service management

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Helps to provide a better and more flexible description of current working practices - and as a complementary skill for IT Infrastructure ITOP.

What we changed

Skill and skill level descriptions for ITMG have been updated. Skill re-named.

Daniel Merriott
May 17, 2021 11:42 AM

CR for ITOP5 is CR#1432 -