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#67 CORE COMPETENCIES change request accepted

Add ACCURACY to Autonomy, Influence, Complexity and Business Skills.

Accuracy can be defined as a core competence that affects performance in terms of behaviour knowledge and professionalism and is possibly enabled and developed through qualifications and experience.

The demand for accuracy should be explicitly addressed  at each level of responsibilities - answering a global call for more data quality.

This core competence should be further declined throughout all the categories and skills of the framework. 

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Include in review of Levels of Responsibilities for SFIA 8

What we changed

SFIA 8 levels of responsibility have been updated.  Data quality is covered in specific SFIA professional skills.

Matthew Burrows
Sep 26, 2019 11:15 AM

Accuracy is the level of quality that you do something to, rather than a specific competency or skill. One of the key approaches behind using SFIA to assess someone's skills is that they have to do the activity which SFIA describes and consistently achieve the intended outcomes and levels of quality. We generally use a best practice graduated approach - fully, largely, etc. If we introduced accuracy or else we'd also have to introduce a grading for all SFIA elements to reflect people doing it badly, moderately well, or very well - and that just adds a dimension of complexity that isn't needed. Perhaps we should just explicitly say that each aspect in SFIA expects a high level of accuracy/quality/consistency - i.e. you don't assess yourself as having a skill at a level, or a LoR Characteristic at a particular level unless you do what is described to a consistently high level of quality and accuracy.