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#1432 Create IT Infrastructure (ITOP) level 5 change request accepted

Create IT Infrastructure (ITOP) at level 5 with a focus on owning IT Operations as a team lead / manager. This would be in line with other operational skills (e.g. Application Support (ASUP) or Network Support (NTAS) at level 5). See also CR#1431 - which proposes to reshape IT Management (ITMG) to focus on technical service delivery and move the IT infrastructure management parts at level 5 into IT Infrastructure (ITOP).

There are IT Operational leaders (team leaders or managers) with a firm focus on the technical operations activity but with a specific focus that means ITMG is too broad for them. Some of the IT infrastructure management statements in ITMG5 (combined with some from SYSP5 which is proposed for merging into ITOP) would represent the expectations of someone working at IT Infrastructure (ITOP) level 5. Thus an ITOP level 5 description may be needed which will largely cover the IT operations management activities.

Proposed description below which broadly takes the IT infrastructure specific responsibilities from ITMG5 and the owership of "system update" from SYSP5 and puts then in the context of the operationally focussed skill IT Infrastructure (ITOP).

IT Infrastructure (ITOP) level 5

Provides technical leadership of an IT infrastructure function, to ensure service performance targets are met and all relevant policies and procedures are adhered to. 

Oversees the planning, installation and service acceptance of new infrastructure components. Determines the operational requirements for prioritising updates to infrastructure components and services in line with service expectations, security requirements and other quality standards. Schedules and oversees all IT maintenance and installation work in line with service agreements. 

Investigates and manages the adoption of appropriate tools, techniques and processes (including automation) for the management of systems and services.

Investigates and coordinates the resolution of potential and actual service problems. Ensures that operational problems are identified, recorded, monitored and resolved. Provides appropriate status and other reports to specialists, users and managers. Ensures that operational procedures and documentation are fit for purpose and current.

Proposed change applies to IT infrastructure

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Helps to provide a better and more flexible description of current working practices - and as a complementary skill for ITMG. 

What we changed

Skill and skill level descriptions for ITMG have been updated.