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#1378 SCAD - rename this skill to Security operations change request accepted

Consider changing the name of the skill to a more contemporary term - Security operations.

Security administration has been included as a skill in SFIA since SFIA version 1. Its name has remained the same. 

We should consider changing its name to Security operations...

  • to use contemporary industry language 
  • “administration” could be perceived as passive, less impactful and not as dynamic as “operations”

This change request is not proposing a change in scope – just repositioning for contemporary industry use. However if we do make this change - we should check for opportunities for minor updates to the skill and skill level descriptions.

Proposed change applies to Security operations

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Include in review of information and cyber security skills for SFIA 8

Ian Seward (General Manager)
Feb 25, 2021 03:00 PM

This CR makes sense ... a living Framework needs to be contemporary in its language. It is often the case that existing SFIA Skill names are actually rather poor while the skill description itself and skill level descriptors are accurate and useful and still valid. Agreed we should also look to current definitions of Security Operations to ensure we have not missed anything.

Kevin Streater
May 03, 2021 05:07 PM

Completely support this change.