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#1316 Make inheritance from lower levels explicit in generic (level of) responsibility characteristics change request accepted

To make the framework and model more accessible to *users*, revisit the presentation of the incremental model implicit in SFIA, to reduce the risk that components of either the generic (level of) responsibility characteristics or a skill defined at one level, and not expanded at the next higher, might be overlooked.

Whilst the idealised model in SFIA is based on “level X implying all of level X-1”, recursively, I’m not at all sure it is helpful to users (rather than just ensuring continuing opportunities for consultants...) when those facets which are enriched at level X are spelled out, and those for which the expression at level X-1 are still sufficient are not.  For example, “Is able to work in a team.” (L2) becomes “Contributes fully to the work of teams” (L3), so the L2 criterion is completely subsumed by that at L3.  But, “Understands and uses appropriate methods, tools and applications.” Isn’t really covered by “Demonstrates an analytical and systematic approach to issue resolution.”. 

The same is true, of course, but usually to a lesser extent, in the skills descriptions themselves.

So, I wonder if it might not be more helpful – to users - to include those facets inherited from lower level(s)? – albeit, perhaps distinguishing them by, e.g., italicisation?

So, for example,

  • Add Understands and uses appropriate methods, tools and application to Level 3
    knowledge generic responsibility statements
  • Add Absorbs and applies technical information to Level 3 generic responsibility
    knowledge statements

Otherwise, key facets such as “Follows code of conduct, ethics and organisational standards.” and,  “Is aware of health and safety issues.” (both in Level 1) may (continue to) be overlooked by users aiming for higher levels.

Proposed change applies to Levels of responsibility

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Added to review of generic attributes and levels of responsibility.

What we changed

Generic attributes and levels of responsibility have been updated for SFIA 8.