#1315 Business Analysis change request pending

The BA Service Handbook identifies seven skills within the BA Service Framework. The SFIA BUAN skill encompasses all of these services. In addition, there are other SFIA skills that relate directly to some of the services. For example, Requirements definition (BA service) and REQM.

 Mapping of BA Service Framework to SFIA skills.

BA Service

SFIA skill (where exists)

Situation investigation and problem analysis

No specific SFIA skill although covered by BUAN


Feasibility assessment and business case development

No specific SFIA skill although covered by BUAN


Business process improvement



Requirements definition



Business acceptance testing

TEST ( plus possibly BPTS)


Business change deployment



Stakeholder engagement

RLMT (stakeholder engagement is also a sub-category in SFIA)

 The coverage of the BUAN skill seems to confirm that this ‘skill’ definition actually describes a role and should be considered for review. The BUAN skill has an extensive scope and overlaps with several other skills (specifically those shown relating to the BA Service Framework but there are others such as BSMO). This scope results in a series of definitions (at each level of competency) that may not apply to an individual business analyst role.

It is suggested that SFIA should define skills relating to the two other services and then provide business analyst role profiles that encompasses selected BA services as appropriate to different contexts or levels of seniority.

The BCS publications Delivering Business Analysis: the BA Service Handbook and Business Analysis, 4th Edition provide a detailed definition of these services. These definitions align with each other and could be used as a basis for defining the missing skills.

Proposed change applies to Business analysis

Current status of this request: pending