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#1351 PEMT - update to widen applicability and improve wording change request accepted

Performance Management - PEMT falls within a wider review of People Management coverage in SFIA. Current skills descriptions don't reflect the need to follow organisational direction and wording/content is not consistent through the skill-levels 4, 5 and 6. New descriptions are proposed, overall and at each skill-level.

Performance management (PEMT) is included in the SFIA 8 update programme review of people management coverage in SFIA.  Performance management PEMT covers work-management of individuals and teams but current skills descriptions are not consistent through the skill-levels 4, 5 and 6.  The terms "supervise" and "supervision" are problematic in the way they are adversely interpreted and the skill-level descriptions don't reflect the cascading of goals, objectives or purpose from management into teams. 

It is suggested that the title is kept as "Performance management", although "Work management" is offered as a less ambiguous and less severe-sounding alternative.

The SFIA skill PEMT is relevant in hierarchical management structures, where work is aligned to company direction and management goals.  The skill does not apply in the context of self-managed teams.   

Aspects of broader 'people management' not included in PEMT are those relating to employee experience (employee engagement) and formal aspects of organisational people-policy, reward, mandatory procedures, staff relations and employment law, which are aspects often handled by a dedicated People/HR team.

New descriptions are proposed, overall and at each skill-level.

Performance management - PEMT

Performance Management - PEMT Proposed SFIA 8 descriptions

Overall: The monitoring, optimisation and improvement of employee performance, individually and in workgroups, in line with organisational objectives.

Level 4:

  • Provides formal direction, support and guidance to less experienced colleagues.
  • Allocates routine tasks or project work, in  line with team and personal goals.
  • Coaches colleagues in developing optimal or agreed target capabilities.
  • Monitors quality and performance against agreed criteria, in order to make learning recommendations or to escalate concerns.
  • Facilitates effective working relationships between team members.

Level 5:

  • Takes responsibility for forming, maintaining and leading workgroups and roles with the skills needed to support organisational capability.
  • Allocates task responsibilities and/or packages of work to individuals or teams.
  • Delegates people management responsibilities within a workgroup as appropriate.
  • Sets quality, performance and capability targets in line with organisational goals.
  • Monitors performance and provides effective feedback to address individual issues, ensure optimum working relationships and that the required skills continue to be developed.
  • Facilitates the development of individuals through adjustment of workload, targets, and team capacity.
  • Provides support and guidance to individuals on career paths and encourages pro-active development of skills and capabilities, in line with team and personal goals.
  • Contribute to formal organisational processes such as those dealing with recruitment, reward, promotion and disciplinary procedures.

Level 6:

  • Takes responsibility for forming, maintaining and leading a structure of permanent teams or goal-defined workgroups that deliver organisational capability.
  • Determines and delegates people management and functional management responsibilities.
  • Sets strategy for quality and performance measurement in line with organisational goals
  • Provides a work environment and resources that allow individuals and workgroups to perform their tasks efficiently without unnecessary distractions.



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Included in review of People management skills for SFIA 8.