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#73 SFIA as a Platform change request accepted

Is there is an case to port SFIA and making it a cloud based service? 1. SFIA as a Platform 2. SFIA as a nation-wide skills inventory 3. APIs to others in the eco-system 4. LinkedIn (& MSWord) integration 5. Ability to map SFIA with CoBIT, ITIL, TOGAF, eTOM and others More details below.

Note: this has nothing to do with skills and enhanving the framework per se; it has everything to do with taking SFIA to the cloud, proposing SFIA as a Service, and proposing APIs to link with other cloud based knowledge & skills related systems.  

Case for a Nationwide Skills Inventory & Service:

Immigration New Zealand has put out a tender for the use of SFIA as a framework to assess overseas qualifications for prospective immigrants in the skilled visa category.

Some government departments have already embarked on the journey on the use of SFIA for their internal use.

Countries such as NZ, have relatively small number of ICT workers (approx 150,000). 

IF there was a cloud based offering, which inventoried the entire workforce and made it available not just to government, but also to corporate recruiters & hiring managers - by way of self-service - they could directly query and select for the skills and experience they were looking for.

Talent (individuals) in the market could also have access to information and identify areas of growth and opportunity to skill themselves up on.

And the government, industry bodies and the education sector could develop currculum and programs (and immigration programs) to address the skills shortage. 

SFIA as a Platform, API's, LinkedIn, MSWord

"SFIA as a Platform" could also have APIs for the larger ecosystem to build their own add-ons & extensions.

We know there is LinkedIn-MSWord integration being trailled in some countries, it would be great if there was LinkedIn-SFIA-MSWord(Resume) integration of somekind if Microsoft allowed it.  

Mapping to Industry Frameworks

I know BSMImpact have done some work around mapping SFIA to CoBIT (or ITIL). Would it not be possible to have "out of the box" mapping of SFIA skills against *most* common frameworks. Among others these include ITIL, COBIT, Prince2 and/or PMI, but also eTOM (and others: Agile, DevOps, VeriSM etc)

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

No specific changes to the framework but these elements form part of the SFIA eco-system development.

Sunit Prakash
Dec 11, 2017 07:46 PM

LinkedIn's 2017 US Emerging Jobs Report. This is how it informs this SFIA update:
1. To me it makes the case for an API to a global skills database such as LinkedIn, both for adoption & use of SFIA as a specialist skills framework (call it a specialist subset of LinkedIn), as well as to run insights and reports from SFIA similar to the one LinkedIn has produced
2. The report identifies the Top 20 emerging jobs that SFIA should consider adding to the framework; or at least the skills required for those roles
3. The need to include soft skills since they are considered important across the board
4. The rise of free-lancing or the emergence of the gig economy, and so contracting makes a case to be included as a skill-set in the framework

Link to the report: