Selling SALE


Finding prospective customers and working with them to identify needs, influence purchase decisions and enhance future business opportunities.

Guidance notes


Activities may include - but are not limited to...

  • identifying and qualifying sales prospects
  • prospecting and outreach to potential customers using appropriate channels
  • developing customer interest, building rapport and trust
  • asking questions about goals and challenges
  • finding a solution
  • preparing, executing and monitoring of the sale of any product or service into an external or internal market
  • bid management, value analysis, negotiation, sales presentations, closing the sale, preparation of contracts

Selling: Level 6


Oversees the organisation's sales activities to ensure they are aligned with business objectives. Approves sales proposals and targets. Negotiates with customer representatives at the most senior level on both technical and contractual issues. Agrees and signs contracts. Develops and implements organisational sales policy and strategy, and contributes significantly to the development of marketing strategy. Collaborates on the evolution of services, products systems, and standard contracts to support alignment with future customer needs.

Selling: Level 5


Designs and implements sales strategies and works with senior management to implement sales plans. Plans, monitors and controls the work of sales teams. Develops and maintains effective customer relationships at executive levels and qualifies new sales leads. Leads the bid process within the organisation. Agrees and signs contracts. Maintains customer contact during and after the selling process to pre-empt any issues and identify further opportunities. Contributes to the development and training of sales teams and product/service development.

Selling: Level 4


Identifies and qualifies new sales leads and prospects with a view to developing a pipeline of potential opportunities. Manages existing sales leads. Collects and uses information in order to achieve sales objectives. Understands customer and needs, and develops and enhances customer relationships, before, during and after the conclusion of agreements/contracts.

Selling: Level 3


Identifies new leads and prospects and communicates them to the sales manager. Responds to assigned sales leads. Applies agreed standards and tools to perform simple sales tasks or support complex sales processes. Monitors and reports on assigned sales quota, performance, customer satisfaction, market intelligence and competitors.