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Consultancy CNSL

Providing advice and recommendations, based on expertise and experience, to address client needs.

Guidance notes

Consultancy may deal with one specialist subject area, or be wide ranging and address strategic business issues. May also include support for the implementation of any agreed solutions.

Activities include — but are not limited to:

  • leading and managing a consultancy practice
  • leading and managing consultancy teams and/or consultancy assignments
  • delivering consultancy assignments.

The Consultancy skill defined in SFIA applies to the delivery of consultancy as part of formal or informal consultancy agreements. 

SFIA describes the general provision of advice, guidance or problem solving related to an individual's responsibilities by:

  • the responsibilities described by the SFIA generic attributes
  • the SFIA professional skill descriptions which make reference to providing advice and guidance.


Defined at these levels: 4 5 6 7

Consultancy: Levels 1-3

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at these levels of responsibility and accountability.

Consultancy: Level 4

Takes responsibility for elements of a larger consulting engagement.

Collaborates with clients as part of formal or informal consultancy engagements. Understands client requirements by collecting data and delivering analysis.

Works collaboratively to develop and implement solutions. Seeks to address client needs within the defined scope of responsibility.

Ensures that proposed solutions are properly understood and appropriately exploited.

Consultancy: Level 5

Takes responsibility for understanding client requirements, collecting data, delivering analysis and problem resolution.

Identifies, evaluates and recommends options.

Collaborates with, and facilitates stakeholder groups, as part of formal or informal consultancy agreements. Seeks to fully address client needs and implements solutions if required.

Enhances the capabilities and effectiveness of clients, by ensuring that proposed solutions are fully understood and appropriately exploited.

Consultancy: Level 6

Manages the provision of consultancy services and/or a team of consultants.

In own areas of expertise, provides advice and guidance to consultants and/or the client when delivering consultancy services.

Engages with clients and maintains client relationships.

Establishes consultancy agreements/contracts and manages completion and disengagement.

Consultancy: Level 7

Directs the strategy and operations for a significant consultancy practice.

Oversees practice development, proposals, sales, account management and the delivery of consultancy services over a wide range of topics.