Service catalogue management SCMG

Providing a source of consistent information about available services and products to customers and users.

Guidance notes

Activities may include — but are not limited to:

  • publishing and maintaining information about available services
  • tracking the list of available services as new services are introduced and  current services are amended or retired
  • making the catalogue useful and easy to use
  • customising the information published according to the needs of specific audiences — such as for users — for customers, for service providers
  • supporting discussion of standard and non-standard service offerings
  • enabling automation of service requests and service fulfilment where appropriate.

The information documented in the service catalogue includes — but is not limited to — service names and descriptions, features, value propositions, costs, service support levels and availability.

Service catalogue management: Level 3

Collates information needed to populate the service catalogue.

Edits and maintains service and product descriptions and keeps the list of available services up to date.

Acts as a contact point, receiving and handling routine updates to the service catalogue.

Identifies opportunities to improve service catalogue management processes.

Service catalogue management: Level 4

Contributes to the design and implementation of a service catalogue.

Enables automation of service requests and order fulfilment.

Provides advice and guidance on the information to be included in the service catalogue.

Contributes to reviews and improvement of the catalogue and of service catalogue management processes.

Service catalogue management: Level 5

Manages the creation and maintenance of a catalogue of services.

Ensures that the service catalogue is complete and current. Works with service owners to ensure consistency and accuracy of the service catalogue entries.

Completes regular reviews of the catalogue with stakeholders to ensure relevance to business needs and requirements.

Manages the service catalogue management processes.