The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Learning design and development TMCR

Designing and developing resources to transfer knowledge, develop skills and change behaviours.

Guidance notes

Includes instructional design, content development, configuration and testing of learning environments, and use of appropriate current technologies such as audio, video, simulation and assessment.

Scope includes learning and development activities for the workplace, for all levels of education and blended models such as apprenticeships and work placements.

Activities may include — but are not limited to:

  • specifying, designing, creating, packaging and maintaining materials and resources
  • assimilating information from existing sources
  • selecting and presenting material in a form suitable to the intended purpose and audience
  • securing third-party accreditation
  • creating simulated data, replicating external systems, interfaces and assessment systems for simulated learning environments.

Learning design and development: Level 3

Designs, creates, customises and maintains learning materials and resources to deliver agreed outcomes, and meet accreditation requirements when appropriate.

Contributes to the design, configuration and testing of learning environments.

Learning design and development: Level 4

Specifies the content and structure of learning and development materials.

Takes responsibility for design, creation, packaging and maintenance and manages development to deliver agreed outcomes.

Where required, designs, configures and tests learning environments.

Secures external accreditations as appropriate.

Learning design and development: Level 5

Specifies solutions for use in learning and development programs in the workplace or in compulsory, further or higher education.

Commissions the development of learning materials, allocates resources to learning teams, defines learning outcomes.

Leads learning programs, recommends and specifies learning interventions for design, development and deployment according to agreed learning outcomes.