Organisational facilitation (prototype) OFCL


Supporting teams to develop and implement principles and practices for decision making, prioritisation, problem solving.

Guidance notes


Activities may include - but are not limited to...

  • helping teams adopt agile working practices and behaviours - including following specific agile methodologies
  • helping team plan and prioritise their workload based on their capacity and track record of working
  • removing barriers or impediments to teams achieving their mission and objectives
  • coaching the team members in self-management and cross-functional working
  • reviewing of team effectiveness - identifying what went well, what could be improved, and might be added or removed from their working practices

Workshop facilitation tools and techniques form part of applying this skill - but are not sufficient. This skill describes a wider set of responsibilities.

Organisational facilitation (prototype): Level 6


Facilitates cross functional leadership teams on a continuous basis to deliver defined goals and outcomes.

Designs leadership team processes for decision making, prioritisation, problem solving at the highest level. Helps leadership teams develop shared responsibilities and make decisions which enable sustainable agreements.

Coaches leadership teams to learn and improve.

Champions self organising workgroups.

Organisational facilitation (prototype): Level 5


Facilitates and coaches focussed work groups on a continuous basis to deliver defined goals and outcomes.

Supports focussed work groups and teams to learn, to solve problems collaboratively and to improve their team performance. Creates shared responsibilities and sustainable agreements with the team.

Implements and improves agreed team principles, practices, processes & ceremonies.

Recognise and work with the strengths and constraints of team dynamics

Organisational facilitation (prototype): Level 4


Facilitates a series of group activities or workshops in situations of complexity and ambiguity and competing stakeholder needs.

Designs multi-event workshops to solve complex problems.

Helps to improve team process and performance of ad hoc working groups.