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SFIA View: Service management

Service management

Service level management SLMO

Agreeing targets for service levels and assessing, monitoring, and managing the delivery of services against the targets.

Service catalogue management SCMG

Providing a source of consistent information about available services and products to customers and users.

Availability management AVMT

Ensuring that services deliver agreed levels of availability to meet the current and future needs of the business.

Capacity management CPMG

Ensuring that service components have the capacity and performance to meet current and planned business needs.

Incident management USUP

Coordinating responses to incident reports, minimising negative impacts and restoring service as quickly as possible.

Problem management PBMG

Managing the life cycle of all problems that have occurred or could occur in delivering a service.

Change control CHMG

Assessing risks associated with proposed changes and ensuring changes to products, services or systems are controlled and coordinated.

Asset management ASMG

Managing the full life cycle of assets from acquisition, operation, maintenance to disposal.

Service acceptance SEAC

Managing the process to obtain formal confirmation that service acceptance criteria have been met.