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SFIA View: Technology management

Technology management

Technology service management ITMG

Managing the provision of technology-based services to meet defined organisational needs.

Application support ASUP

Delivering management, technical and administrative services to support and maintain live applications.

IT infrastructure ITOP

Deploying, configuring and operating IT Infrastructure.

System software SYSP

Installing, managing, controlling, deploying and maintaining infrastructure systems software, to meet operational needs and service levels.

Network support NTAS

Providing maintenance and support services for communications networks.

Systems installation and removal HSIN

Installing and testing, or decommissioning and removing, systems or system components.

Configuration management CFMG

Planning, identifying, controlling, accounting for and auditing of configuration items (CIs) and their interrelationships.

Release and deployment RELM

Applying the processes, systems and functions required to make new and changed services and features available for use.

Storage management STMG

Planning, implementing and optimising the technologies and processes used for data storage.

Facilities management DCMA

Planning, designing and managing the buildings, space and facilities which, collectively, make up the IT estate.