The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Problem solving

Level 1 - Follow

  • Works towards understanding the issue and seeks assistance in resolving unexpected problems.  

Level 2 - Assist

  • Investigates and resolves routine issues.

Level 3 - Apply

  • Applies a methodical approach to investigate and evaluate options to resolve routine and moderately complex issues. 

Level 4 - Enable

  • Investigates the cause and impact, evaluates options and resolves a broad range of complex issues. 

Level 5 - Ensure, advise

  • Investigates complex issues to identify the root causes and impacts, assesses a range of solutions, and makes informed decisions on the best course of action; often in collaboration with other experts. 

Level 6 - Initiate, influence

  • Anticipates and leads in addressing problems and opportunities that may impact organisational objectives, establishing a strategic approach and allocating resources. 

Level 7 - Set strategy, inspire, mobilise

  • Manages inter-relationships between impacted parties and strategic imperatives, recognising the broader business context and drawing accurate conclusions when resolving problems.