The global skills and competency framework for the digital world


Level 1 - Follow

  • Proactively increases their understanding of their work tasks and responsibilities. 

Level 2 - Assist

  • Takes ownership to develop their work experience. 

Level 3 - Apply

  • Reviews and analyses current working practices to identify improvements. May contribute to the development of others.

Level 4 - Enable

  • Demonstrates an awareness of risk and may lead a team.
  • Contributes specialist expertise to requirements definition in support of proposals.
  • Shares knowledge and experience in own specialism to help others.

Level 5 - Ensure, advise

  • Provides leadership at an operational level.
  • Implements and executes policies aligned to strategic plans.
  • Assesses and evaluates risk.  
  • Analyses requirements and advises on scope and options for continuous improvement. Takes all requirements into account when considering proposals.
  • Shares own knowledge and experience and encourages learning and growth. 

Level 6 - Initiate, influence

  • Provides leadership at an organisational level.
  • Contributes to the development and implementation of policy and strategy.
  • Manages and mitigates organisational risk.  
  • Understands and communicates industry developments, and the role and impact of technology. 
  • Balances the requirements of proposals with the broader needs of the organisation.
  • Promotes a learning and growth culture in their area of accountability. 

Level 7 - Set strategy, inspire, mobilise

  • Leads strategic management.
  • Applies the highest level of leadership to the formulation and implementation of strategy.
  • Establishes governance to address business risk.
  • Communicates the potential impact of emerging practices and technologies on organisations and individuals and assesses the risks of using or not using such practices and technologies. 
  • Ensures proposals align with the strategic direction of the organisation. 
  • Fosters a learning and growth culture across the organisation.