The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Adaptability and resilience

Level 1 - Follow

  • Accepts change and is open to new ways of working.

Level 2 - Assist

  • Adjusts to different team dynamics and work requirements. Participates in team adaptation processes.

Level 3 - Apply

  • Adapts and is responsive to change and shows initiative in adopting new methods or technologies.

Level 4 - Enable

  • Enables others to adapt and change in response to challenges and changes in the work environment.

Level 5 - Ensure, advise

  • Leads adaptations to changing business environments. Guides teams through transitions, maintaining focus on organisational objectives.

Level 6 - Initiate, influence

  • Drives organisational adaptability by initiating and leading significant changes. Influences change management strategies at an organisational level.

Level 7 - Set strategy, inspire, mobilise

  • Champions organisational agility and resilience. Embeds adaptability into organisational culture and strategic planning.