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Add and review requests to change SFIA definitions or coverage.

Please add your change request below. Anyone can add a change request. You need to Log in using your usual SFIA website Email id and password.

  • If you don't have a login id you need to register as a user first.
  • This is very simple to do, costs nothing, and means we can keep you up to date with SFIA 9.

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Wherever possible please link your change request to the relevant part of SFIA during the 'add request' process.

If you have any problems creating a change request – please contact the SFIA Updates Manager – [email protected].

Change requests are reviewed by the SFIA Design Authority. You can review the current status of each change request below.

  • Accepted: change requests which will be incorporated into requirements and solutions for the next version of SFIA. They may be combined with other change requests and/or themes.
  • Declined: change requests which have been rejected. Reasons for rejection are given.
  • Deferred: change requests which have merit but which are not yet fully agreed. Deferred requests will be considered for the next-but-one revision of SFIA.

Pending change requests are awaiting a decision.

We welcome your comments on how we plan to meet the accepted change requests in the upgrade to SFIA 9.

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