Resourcing - prototype RESC


Acquiring, deploying and onboarding resources.

Guidance notes


Activities may include - but not limited to - selecting, assessing, interviewing, on-boarding, deploying resources.

Resources may be acquired for departments, teams, projects or individual roles.  

Resources include – but are not limited to – salaried employees, temporary staff, consultants and contractors. 

Assessment typically – but not limited to - interviews, assessment centres, CV review, tests, exercises.

All resourcing activity must comply with relevant statutory or external regulations and codes of good practice.

Measures used to assess the effectiveness of resourcing includes- but not limited to - retention analysis, media and supplier assessment, customer satisfaction and validation of selection methods.

Resourcing - prototype: Level 6


Leads the approach for resource planning, recruitment, selection, assessment, on-boarding and transitioning of resources. Develops and communicates resource management policy, standards and guidelines in line with the strategic and operational workforce plans. Maintains a strong external network to support sourcing and acquiring resources. Leads the development of plans to ensure that the organisation has appropriately skilled resources to meet organisational objectives and commitments. Reviews the ongoing success and effectiveness of resource management processes.

Resourcing - prototype: Level 5


Plans and manages the acquisition and deployment of resources, to meet specific needs and ongoing demand. Defines processes for recruitment, selection, deployment, onboarding and transitioning of resources. Advises on available options and customises resourcing approach to meet requirements. Advises on standards, statutory or external regulations and codes of practice and ensures compliance. Measures effectiveness of resourcing processes and implements improvements.

Resourcing - prototype: Level 4


Facilitates and supports execution resourcing activities in collaboration with managers and teams. Analyses resource requests to determine tasks, skills and effort required. Creates and communicates open positions internally and externally. Conducts interviews and assessments to a planned format and structure. Implements internal resource allocation. Contributes to transitioning of resources, complying with relevant statutory or external regulations and codes of practice.

Resourcing - prototype: Level 3


Provides administrative services to support resourcing activities. Uses recommended solutions for planning, scheduling and tracking resourcing activity. Provides guidance on resource management software, procedures, processes, tools and techniques. Compiles and distributes reports.