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Job analysis and design [prototype] JADN


Planning, analysing, and designing job roles and structures to align with organisational goals and culture.

SFIA 9 is in development

  • SFIA 9 beta due in early July 2024
  • SFIA 9 planned for publication October 2024

This is a prototype for SFIA 9. It is subject to change before publication.

Disclaimer - prototypes/new skills may be substantially modified prior to launch or may never be released.

Guidance notes


Activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • collating information and insights for current and future requirements e.g.  surveys, interviews, workforce analytics, existing job descriptions and related  documents
  • conducting task analysis to break down jobs into component roles and responsibilities, skills and competencies
  • analysing workflow processes to design jobs that maximize efficiency and job satisfaction
  • creating or revising job architectures, job descriptions and specifications based on analysis
  • designing or redesigning jobs to integrate new technologies, processes, or operational needs - including use of artificial intelligence
  • creation of career pathways to enable the retention of staff as they progress through their professional development

The scope of job analysis and design can range from single roles to multi-layered organisational structures, and may also involve considerations for technology integration and flexible working arrangements.


Defined at these levels: 3 4 5

Job analysis and design [prototype]: Level 1

Job analysis and design [prototype]: Level 2

Job analysis and design [prototype]: Level 3


Collates data regarding job roles.

Contributes to task and competency mapping using skills-based frameworks.

Supports the development of preliminary job descriptions and performance metrics.

Works under direction to ensure alignment with broader organisational strategies and work practices.

Job analysis and design [prototype]: Level 4


Conducts detailed job analyses and designs job roles using data-driven insights.

Creates or revises job descriptions, considering key competencies, skills, and organisational culture.

Assesses impact of role changes on workflows, employee engagement and workplace practices.

Provides insights into aligning job roles with evolving organisational needs and technology integration.

Job analysis and design [prototype]: Level 5


Leads job architecture and design initiatives and aligns them with organisational strategies and workplace practices.

Develops comprehensive role definitions, including necessary skills and competencies.

Evaluates the effectiveness of current roles and suggests modifications.

Advises on how job architecture and job design can adapt to changes in organisational strategy, technology, workplace practices, and skills-based approaches.

Job analysis and design [prototype]: Level 6

Job analysis and design [prototype]: Level 7

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