Reviewing information and cyber security for SFIA 8

We plan to publish SFIA 8 in Q3 2021. The consultation process for SFIA 8 includes a review of how SFIA supports information and cyber security.

There are several activities planned to support this. If you have some ideas or you can help please contact the SFIA Updates Manager.

Disclaimer: The SFIA 8 project depends on contributions from volunteers.

While the SFIA Foundation does commit to delivering updates to the core SFIA framework (SFIA skills, skills and level descriptions, generics).

We cannot commit to all activities listed below without volunteer effort.

SFIA 8 consultation activities

  1.  Publish SFIA 7 information and cybersecurity view as a baseline (reminds current and potential users that security has been part of SFIA since its earliest versions)
  2. Key design principles for how SFIA 7 supports Cybersecurity - e.g. security for all, specialist security skills, other skills which have a security element. Does SFIA use the term "information security", "cyber security" or both.
  3. Mapping SFIA with security industry frameworks
  4. Review industry job/position descriptions
  5. Readability–review and recommendations – e.g. long, difficult to read/translate sentences
  6. SFIA skills profiles for common Cybersecurity roles / career families
  7. SFIA framework fit-gap analysis (SFIA skills, skills and level descriptions, generics)
  8. SFIA eco-system fit-gap analysis (views, framework mappings, guidance, profiles)

Peter Leather, SFIA Updates Manager