SFIA view - Digital transformation skills

SFIA is an easy to use and flexible resource to support business and HR leaders who are designing and delivering a digital transformation.

The skills at a glance section displays a one-page summary of the SFIA digital transformation skills and competency levels.

Digital transformation aims to deliver organisational outcomes such as ...

  • more profitable business models,
  • more efficient operating processes,
  • greater access to markets,
  • enhanced offerings to users, and,
  • new sources of revenue.digital transformation and LoRs 2 pages.png

Digital transformation skills in SFIA

Digital is transforming organisations and job roles to meet new challenges and opportunities. Planning and executing a Digital business transformation requires professional skills, deployed in new ways, new places and in new relationships - with customers, colleagues and across a broad ecosystem of suppliers and partners.

SFIA extends beyond your IT teams

Although many of the skills described in SFIA are typically aligned to Enterprise IT organisations; SFIA itself does not assume or prescribe organisational structures, sourcing strategies, functional boundaries, job titles, job descriptions etc.