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Mapping SFIA with security industry frameworks

There are many industry frameworks related to information security and cybersecurity. These mappings help framework users adopt SFIA and help SFIA users access the specialised knowledge in these frameworks.

Disclaimer: The SFIA Foundation depends on contributions from volunteers. 

While the SFIA Foundation does commit to delivering updates to the core SFIA framework (SFIA skills, skills and level descriptions, generics). 

We cannot commit to all activities listed below without volunteer effort.

The contents of this page will be updated. 

Potential mappings

Why mappings are useful

  • SFIA reflects industry practice. Industry frameworks and bodies of knowledge provide a reliable insight into current industry working practices and priorities.
  • For SFIA 8 consultation we can use mappings to identify potential improvements to the SFIA framework and its eco-system.
  • Good frameworks structure and categorise their information to help users navigate and understand the content.
  • Mappings between framework helps the users of both build an integrated view. This helps the adoption and adaption of both frameworks.
  • Everything is connected. The content of SFIA is broad-ranging and can connect different professional disciplines through its common language for skills and competency levels.

As a framework - SFIA does not compete with specialised bodies of knowledge and industry frameworks. We actively promote their importance and help individuals and organisations understand how knowledge, skills and competency fit together. 

The SFIA Foundation approach is to work in collaboration with the industry players who are best positioned to collate and maintain detailed bodies of knowledge/frameworks.

In return; the role of the SFIA framework is to describe professional skills and competency levels and also to reinforce the need for knowledge through the integrated view of competency.

If you represent a body of knowledge or industry framework and would like to explore collaboration with SFIA, please contact the .