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Content publishing ICPM


Managing and continually improving the processes that collect, assemble and publish content.

SFIA 9 is in development

  • SFIA 9 beta due in early July 2024
  • SFIA 9 planned for publication October 2024

Guidance notes


Information content may be in structured, unstructured or semi-structured forms.

Activities may include — but are not limited to:

  • understanding the requirements of the organisation and the desired audience
  • evaluating different publishing methods and options, and their costs, features and benefits — including open source and proprietary options
  • developing and implementing a framework for content publishing, including preferred media, overall information structure, and rules for formatting content
  • converting content into a format suitable for publication
  • delivering content to the user at the point of need
  • managing copyright, data protection and other legal issues associated with publishing and re-using published information and data
  • ensuring published material is in a form accessible to all potential users, including those with disabilities
  • releasing or retiring content.


Defined at these levels: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Content publishing: Level 1


Contributes, under instruction, to publication support activities.

Supports the collation of data.

Uses established publishing processes according to appropriate guidelines.

Content publishing: Level 2


Understands technical publication concepts, tools and methods and how to use them.

Uses agreed procedures to publish content.

Obtains and analyses usage data and presents it effectively.

Applies principles of usability and accessibility to published information.

Content publishing: Level 3


Coordinates content management processes to meet the needs of users.

Uses content publishing systems to manage published content across different channels.

Takes into account any legal issues related to publishing.

Content publishing: Level 4


Applies organisational guidelines and uses appropriate tools and techniques to provide publishing interfaces to new or existing platforms and applications.

Maintains and updates content management processes to meet the needs of users.

Selects appropriate channels through which content should be published. Provides advice to users and content authors to leverage the features of the relevant channels and tools used.

Identifies the legal implications associated with publishing.

Content publishing: Level 5


Plans and manages content publishing activities and assignments.

Develops standards and procedures to support content publishing across one or more platforms/channels. Advises on the approach and techniques to be used for content publishing.

Assures design of the overall content structure and style.

Ensures that publication processes comply with agreed policies and strategies and legal requirements.

Content publishing: Level 6


Obtains organisational commitment and resources to ensure the appropriate quality of material published by or on behalf of the organisation.

Defines organisational policies, standards and techniques for content publishing.

Plans and leads content publishing activities for strategic, large and complex programmes.

Ensures that policies are implemented, and any legal issues related to publishing are adequately managed.

Content publishing: Level 7