The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA View: Digital culture, skills and capabilities

Digital culture, skills and capabilities

Organisational capability development OCDV

Providing leadership, advice and implementation support to assess organisational capabilities and to identify, prioritise and implement improvements.

Sourcing SORC

Managing, or providing advice on, the procurement or commissioning of products and services.

Organisation design and implementation ORDI

Planning, designing and implementing an integrated organisation structure and culture.

Competency assessment LEDA

Assessing knowledge, skills, competency and behaviours by any means, whether formal or informal, against frameworks such as SFIA.

Learning design and development TMCR

Designing and developing resources to transfer knowledge, develop skills and change behaviours.

Knowledge management KNOW

Managing vital knowledge to create value for the organisation.

Organisational change management CIPM

Planning, designing and implementing activities to transition the organisation and people to the required future state.

Performance management PEMT

Improving organisational performance by developing the performance of individuals and workgroups to meet agreed objectives with measurable results.

Employee experience EEXP

Enhancing employee engagement and ways of working, empowering employees and supporting their health and wellbeing.