The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA View: Digital strategy, innovation and investments

Digital strategy, innovation and investments

Strategic planning ITSP

Creating and maintaining a strategy to align organisational actions, plans and resources with business objectives.

Innovation INOV

Identifying, prioritising, incubating and exploiting opportunities provided by information, communication and digital technologies.

Emerging technology monitoring EMRG

Identifying and assessing new and emerging technologies, products, services, methods and techniques.

User research URCH

Identifying users' behaviours, needs and motivations using observational research methods.

User experience design HCEV

Producing design concepts and prototypes for user interactions with and experiences of a product, system or service.

Business process improvement BPRE

Creating new and potentially disruptive approaches to performing business activities.

Business situation analysis BUSA

Investigating business situations to define recommendations for improvement action.

Demand management DEMM

Analysing and proactively managing business demand for new services or modifications to existing service features or volumes.

Portfolio management POMG

Developing and applying a management framework to define and deliver a portfolio of programmes, projects and/or ongoing services.

Feasibility assessment FEAS

Defining, evaluating and describing business change options for financial, technical and business feasibility, and strategic alignment.

Investment appraisal INVA

Assessing the attractiveness of possible investments or projects.

Enterprise and business architecture STPL

Aligning an organisation's technology strategy with its business mission, strategy, and processes and documenting this using architectural models.

Product management PROD

Managing and developing products or services through their full life cycle from inception, growth, maturity, decline to retirement.

Marketing MKTG

Researching, analysing and stimulating potential or existing markets for products and services.