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Learning and development management ETMG


Delivering management, advisory and administrative services to support the development of knowledge, skills and competencies.

SFIA 9 is in development

  • SFIA 9 beta due in early July 2024
  • SFIA 9 planned for publication October 2024

This is a prototype for SFIA 9. It is subject to change before publication.

Moving to SFIA 9

  • New level 2 added to support entry-level roles
  • SFIA 8 skill descriptions will remain available for you to use
  • Previous SFIA assessments are not impacted by this change

Guidance notes


Activities may include — but are not limited to:

  • developing the full range of professional, business or technical capabilities required by the organisation
  • developing learning and development strategies and policies
  • identifying appropriate learning and development solutions, accreditations and qualifications
  • selecting, tailoring and adopting skills and competency frameworks
  • selecting and operating learning management systems
  • administering, documenting, tracking, reporting on learning and development activities.


Defined at these levels: 2 3 4 5 6 7

Learning and development management: Level 1

Learning and development management: Level 2


Supports learning and development activities under routine supervision.

Assists in maintaining training records and documenting learning and development activities.

Helps organise learning events and track attendance.

Learning and development management: Level 3


Contributes to the maintenance of training records and the catalogue of learning and development resources.

Learning and development management: Level 4


Contributes to the development and maintenance of a catalogue of learning and development resources.

Uses data to analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of learning/educational activities.

Books and organises learning events.

Updates and controls training records, including attainment of certificates and accreditations.

Learning and development management: Level 5


Manages the provision of learning and development, ensuring optimum use of resources.

Maintains, publicises and promotes a catalogue of learning and development activities. Ensures that courses are up to date and accredited (when required).

Arranges facilities and schedules with learning and development providers as appropriate.

Uses data to assess and improve the effectiveness of learning or educational activities.

Learning and development management: Level 6


Determines the learning and development programme and delivery mechanisms needed to grow staff skills in line with business needs.

Identifies appropriate accreditation and qualification paths applicable to individuals within the organisation.

Evaluates learning outcomes.

Manages the development and provision of all learning, taking account of the strategic aims of the employing organisation.

Learning and development management: Level 7


Directs the development and implementation of a learning and development strategy for the organisation aligned to business needs.

Leads the provision of learning and development expertise, guidance and systems needed to execute strategic and operational plans.

Secures organisational resources to execute the learning and development strategy.

Identifies opportunities for strategic relationships with suppliers and partners.

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