The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Business administration ADMN


Managing and performing administrative services and tasks to enable individuals, teams and organisations to succeed in their objectives.

Guidance notes


Basic administration tasks may include — but are not limited to — data entry, answering telephones, dealing with business correspondence, calling clients, customers and colleagues, greeting visitors, e-mail, filing, using digital tools to organise team meetings, making arrangements for travel and meetings, dealing with relevant suppliers.

Management-level business administration tasks focus on planning, managing and coordinating the activities of individuals and teams to enable them to achieve their objectives.


Defined at these levels: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Business administration: Level 1


Performs routine administration activities in a structured environment.

Follows clear procedures and uses standard digital tools.

Stores and files information following agreed procedures.

Business administration: Level 2


Assists with administrative tasks for a team.

Organises meetings and travel within standard guidelines.

Maintains team filing and administration systems.

Acts as a touchpoint for internal and external contacts.

Business administration: Level 3


Provides administrative support function to teams and meetings.

Takes an active part in team meetings.

Sets up files, software systems, onboarding new starters, compiles and distributes reports. Provides guidance on administration software, procedures, processes, tools and techniques.

Business administration: Level 4


Assists the team/manager in ensuring they have the information needed to support ongoing team processes.

Assists in planning for meetings.

Sets up and provides detailed guidance on software, procedures, processes, tools and techniques for administration and workplace productivity.

Liaises and organises across functions. Updates and maintains office policies and procedures

Business administration: Level 5


Manages the delivery of business administration services.

Manages time and diary for individual senior managers and leadership teams. Filters and prioritises meeting requests.

Handles sensitive, confidential information.

Ensures managers have the information and resources needed to support ongoing processes and changes in processes.

Business administration: Level 6


Leads and coordinates strategic initiatives working across departmental or functional boundaries.

Designs the timetable of executive-level meetings and forums. Sets agenda, format and desired outcomes for meetings.

Provides direction and receives progress updates from members of an executive team. Meets collectively or individually with members of a leadership management team to follow up on action points, issues and risks. Reports on progress and resolves issues.

Manages highly sensitive and confidential issues and information.

Business administration: Level 7

This skill is not typically observed when working at this level of responsibility.