The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA View: Secure infrastructure

Secure infrastructure


Technology service management ITMG


Managing the provision of technology-based services to meet defined organisational needs.

IT infrastructure ITOP


Deploying, configuring and operating IT Infrastructure.

Network design NTDS


Designing communication networks to support strategic and operational requirements and producing network strategies, architectures, policies and related documentation.

Network support NTAS


Providing maintenance and support services for communications networks.

Hardware design HWDE


Specifying a hardware design model for a defined system architecture.

Asset management ASMG


Managing the full life cycle of assets from acquisition, operation, maintenance to disposal.

Database administration DBAD


Installing, configuring, monitoring, maintaining and improving the performance of databases and data stores.

Storage management STMG


Planning, implementing and optimising the technologies and processes used for data storage.

Sourcing SORC


Managing, or providing advice on, the procurement or commissioning of products and services.

Supplier management SUPP


Aligning the organisation’s supplier performance objectives and activities with sourcing strategies and plans, balancing costs, efficiencies and service quality.

Facilities management DCMA


Planning, designing and managing the buildings, space and facilities which, collectively, make up the IT estate.