The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA 9 generic attributes - directory

The generic attributes of autonomy, influence, and complexity, along with the knowledge required and business skills/behavioural factors, collectively define the level of responsibility, detailing both the behaviours necessary for effectiveness and the specific knowledge needed at each level of responsibility.

Title Description Short code
Autonomy The degree of personal discretion and independence you have in your role. AUTO
Complexity The range and intricacy of tasks and responsibilities that come with your role. COMP
Influence The reach and impact of your decisions and actions, both within and outside the organization. INFL
Knowledge The depth and breadth of understanding required to perform role-specific tasks and activities effectively. KNGE
Collaboration Working effectively with others, sharing resources and efforts to achieve common goals. COLL
Communication Exchanging information, ideas, and insights to facilitate understanding and collaboration. COMM
Creativity Generating and applying new ideas to improve processes, solve problems, and drive organisational success. CRTY
Decision making Using critical thinking to evaluate information, assess risks, and select the best course of action. DECM
Digital mindset Adapting to and leveraging digital tools and technologies effectively. DIGI
Leadership Guiding and influencing others, aligning actions with strategic objectives to drive positive change and team development. LEAD
Learning and professional development Acquiring and applying new knowledge to enhance skills and drive personal and organisational growth. LAPD
Planning Taking an organised and systematic approach to arranging tasks and resources to meet objectives. PLAN
Problem solving Analysing and addressing challenges, applying logical methods to develop and implement effective solutions. PROB
Adaptability and resilience Embracing and driving change across personal, team, and organisational levels to effectively navigate and thrive in dynamic environments. ADAP
Security, privacy and ethics Ensuring the protection of sensitive information, uphold privacy of data and individuals, and promotes ethical conduct within and outside the organisation. SCPE