The global skills and competency framework for the digital world


All levels 1 to 7

Level 1 - Follow

Minimal influence. May work alone or interact with immediate colleagues.

Level 2 - Assist

Interacts with and may influence immediate colleagues. May have some external contact with customers, suppliers and partners. Aware of need to collaborate with team and represent users/customer needs.

Level 3 - Apply

Interacts with and influences colleagues. May oversee others or make decisions which impact routine work assigned to individuals or stages of projects. Has working level contact with customers, suppliers and partners. Understands and collaborates on the analysis of user/customer needs and represents this in their work. Contributes fully to the work of teams by appreciating how own role relates to other roles.

Level 4 - Enable

Influences customers, suppliers and partners at account level. Makes decisions which influence the success of projects and team objectives. May have some responsibility for the work of others and for the allocation of resources. Engages with and contributes to the work of cross-functional teams to ensure that customers and user needs are being met throughout the deliverable/scope of work. Facilitates collaboration between stakeholders who share common objectives. Participates in external activities related to own specialism.

Level 5 - Ensure, advise

Influences organisation, customers, suppliers, partners and peers on the contribution of own specialism. Makes decisions which impact the success of assigned work, i.e. results, deadlines and budget. Has significant influence over the allocation and management of resources appropriate to given assignments. Leads on user/customer and group collaboration throughout all stages of work. Ensures users’ needs are met consistently through each work stage. Builds appropriate and effective business relationships across the organisation and with customers, suppliers and partners. Creates and supports collaborative ways of working across group/area of responsibility. Facilitates collaboration between stakeholders who have diverse objectives.

Level 6 - Initiate, influence

Influences policy and strategy formation. Initiates influential relationships with internal and external customers, suppliers and partners at senior management level, including industry leaders. Leads on collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders across competing objectives within the organisation. Makes decisions which impact the achievement of organisational objectives and financial performance.

Level 7 - Set strategy, inspire, mobilise

Inspires the organisation, and influences developments within the industry at the highest levels. Makes decisions critical to organisational success. Develops long-term strategic relationships with customers, partners, industry leaders and government. Collaborates with leadership stakeholders ensuring alignment to corporate vision and strategy.