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January 2021 - SFIA 8 consultation update

January 2021 - SFIA 8 consultation update

A 2 minute update on the SFIA 8 consultation - and a reminder of how you can get involved.

Estimated reading time - 1 min, 45 secs.

First of all - many thanks to all who have contributed to SFIA 8 so far - it's a community effort and all your help is much appreciated.

SFIA 8 change log...

  • We need a change log to manage the planned scope of SFIA 8
  • For previous SFIA updates - the change log was published as "release notes" to communicate where changes had been made.
  • For SFIA 8 - we are experimenting with making the change log visible earlier in the development and implementation phase
  • This allows early identification of additional changes, interdependencies, omissions, questions. 
  • Please take some time to browse the log and bookmark the page for future reference.
  • All comments are welcome.

Mapping SFIA skills to the BABOK

NEW - Guidance notes for individual skills...

  • We have been reviewing the use of examples and guidance for individual skills
  • A prototype has been developed to include an additional field in the SFIA skills definition - to be called Guidance notes. 
  • This field will appear alongside selected SFIA skills - where feedback tells us that users benefit from additional guidance.
  • Sample SFIA 8 pages with guidance notes can be seen here...
  • This page has further background on this proposal.
  • Please read the page - especially if you use the SFIA Excel spreadsheet to populate tools or documents.

People management theme...

Investigations into this theme have progressed - we now have 3 change requests related to people management skills in SFIA

We want to include more people…

You can invite others to join in…

Peter  Leather

SFIA Updates Manager & SFIA 8 Project Manager