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Proposal to add guidance notes

A prototype has been developed to include an additional field in the SFIA skills definition - to be called Guidance notes.

Many SFIA skill descriptions contain examples... 

  • Examples are included to help (mainly new SFIA users) understand the scope of individual SFIA skills
  • Examples are not included in all skills
  • Examples are particularly useful for...
    • generic skills which can be applied in a number of contexts - such as Risk management
    • or for specialist skills which may be applied more generically by mis-interpretation - such as Research

There are potential issues in embedding examples in the SFIA skill descriptions...

  • makes skill descriptions longer and can get in the way for experienced users 
  • do not list all possible alternatives - the result being users can assume their specific need is not in scope 
  • likely to be more volatile than skill descriptions - may need updating more frequently

We looked a some alternatives to improve the way examples are included...

  1. the current approach - embedded  in some but not all skill descriptions
  2. as standalone guidance - examples explained as guidance in Tools and resources or SFIA views
  3. as a new field attached to a skill

A disadvantage of the standalone guidance is that someone browsing the SFIA framework won't see the guidance.

So we are proposing adding a new field and have developed a prototype approach...

This solution provides greater flexibility...

  • Users can choose to  incorporate guidance notes into their tools and documents - to fit their own use cases.
  • Because it is separate field - if it is not needed - it can be ignored

Plan for implementation...

  • This will form part of the SFIA 8 readability theme
  • We will look to include guidance notes for the existing skills which list examples - such as Business risk management
  • Guidance notes may also be added for skills where feedback suggests guidance notes will be helpful
  • Guidance notes will not be a mandatory for every SFIA skill

Please get in touch with feedback or questions - email Peter Leather -  SFIA 8 Project Manager