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SFIA Specialist

Prem Singh

Prem is Customer Success Manager at SkillsTX, where he supports business leaders from different industries in implementation of Talent Experience Platform. Since starting at SkillsTX, he has been active in acquiring SFIA knowledge from senior consultants and online courses. And now he is regularly involved in coaching clients on the SFIA framework – helping build a skills inventory of their workforce and mapping job profiles to SFIA skills using SkillsTX system.

Prem Singh

Prem Singh is a specialist practitioner based in United Kingdom


Works with: SkillsTx /BSMimpact

About Prem Singh

My customer experience: Working with clients and understanding their underlying problems gives me the opportunity to learn new things every day. We live in a continuously evolving digital age, and it’s easy to be distracted by endless of options. But with the help of SFIA framework and SkillsTX tool we have been able to expedite path to value for organizations and people success journey.

Contact:              Prem Singh, Customer Success Manager

Company:           SkillsTX

Email:                  [email protected]

Phone:                 +66988859427 and +918146481590

Base:                    Bangkok, Thailand

Area served:       Worldwide