The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA View: Core software engineering competencies

Core software engineering competencies

Requirements definition and management REQM

Managing requirements through the entire delivery and operational life cycle.

Systems design DESN

Designing systems to meet specified requirements and agreed systems architectures.

Software design SWDN

Specifying and designing software to meet defined requirements by following agreed design standards and principles.

Programming/software development PROG

Developing software components to deliver value to stakeholders.

Real-time/embedded systems development RESD

Designing and developing reliable real-time software typically within embedded systems.

Methods and tools METL

Ensuring methods and tools are adopted and used effectively throughout the organisation.

Configuration management CFMG

Planning, identifying, controlling, accounting for and auditing of configuration items (CIs) and their interrelationships.

Testing TEST

Investigating products, systems and services to assess behaviour and whether this meets specified or unspecified requirements and characteristics.

Systems integration and build SINT

Planning, implementing and controlling activities to synthesise system components to create operational systems, products or services.

Release and deployment RELM

Applying the processes, systems and functions required to make new and changed services and features available for use.

Quality assurance QUAS

Assuring, through ongoing and periodic assessments and reviews, that the organisation’s quality objectives are being met.

Measurement MEAS

Developing and operating a measurement capability to support agreed organisational information needs.

Safety engineering SFEN

Applying appropriate methods to assure safety during all life cycle phases of safety-related systems developments.

Application support ASUP

Delivering management, technical and administrative services to support and maintain live applications.