The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Levels of responsibility: Level 7

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At the highest organisational level, has authority over all aspects of a significant area of work, including policy formation and application. Is fully accountable for actions taken and decisions made, both by self and others to whom responsibilities have been assigned.


Makes decisions critical to organisational success. Inspires the organisation, and influences developments within the industry at the highest levels. Advances the knowledge and/or exploitation of technology within one or more organisations. Develops long-term strategic relationships with customers, partners, industry leaders and government.


Leads on the formulation and implementation of strategy. Applies the highest level of leadership skills. Has a deep understanding of the industry and the implications of emerging technologies for the wider business environment.


Has established a broad and deep business knowledge including the activities and practices of own organisation and a broad knowledge of those of suppliers, partners, competitors and clients. Fosters a culture to encourage the strategic application of generic and specific bodies of knowledge within own area of influence.

Business skills

Has a full range of strategic management and leadership skills.

Communicates the potential impact of emerging practices and technologies on organisations and individuals and assesses the risks of using or not using such practices and technologies.

Understands, explains and presents complex ideas to audiences at all levels in a persuasive and convincing manner.

Assesses the impact of legislation and actively promotes compliance and inclusivity.

Ensures that the organisation develops and mobilises the full range of required skills and capabilities. 

Champions security within own area of work and throughout the organisation.