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Release and deployment RELM


Applying the processes, systems and functions required to make new and changed services and features available for use.

This is a prototype for SFIA 9. 

  • Guidance notes updated
    • include additional activities such as planning, communicating, and managing releases, ensuring testing and validation, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and establishing incident management and rollback procedures.
    • Added a Level 2 description 
    • The level descriptions have been updated to emphasize collaboration, continuous improvement, and the adoption of appropriate techniques, processes, and automation tools.

Disclaimer - prototypes/new skills may be substantially modified prior to launch or may never be released.

Guidance notes


Activities may include — but are not limited to:

  • planning, communicating, and managing releases for smooth deployment and minimal disruption
  • packaging and deploying software changes and updates for release into a live environment
  • managing continuous delivery/deployment using automation tools for containerisation and orchestration
  • using package management tools or application lifecycle management tools for software dependency, version and library control
  • combining changes to form a release that delivers a new or updated service 
  • ensuring testing and validation are integral to meet requirements and quality standards
  • adhering to established safety, security and quality standards
  • collaborating with development, testing, and operations teams for a smooth release process
  • tracking and reporting on releases for future reference and improvement
  • conducting post-release reviews, gathering feedback, and monitoring for issues
  • enabling controlled handover to operational management and users
  • establishing incident management procedures to handle issues during or after deployment
  • developing and maintaining rollback procedures for quick reversion if needed.


Defined at these levels: 2 3 4 5 6

Release and deployment: Level 1

This skill is not typically observed when working at this level of responsibility.

Release and deployment: Level 2


Assists in the preparation and execution of release and deployment activities under supervision.

Follows defined processes and procedures for packaging and deploying software changes.

Documents and reports on the results of release and deployment activities.

Participates in post-deployment verification and issue identification.

Release and deployment: Level 3


Uses approved tools and techniques for specific deployment activities.

Administers the recording of activities, logging of results and documents technical activities undertaken.

Assists in preparing plans and schedules for release and deployment activities and communications.

Release and deployment: Level 4


Assesses and analyses release components for input to release scheduling.

Maintains and administers tools and methods for software delivery, deployment and configuration.

Maintains release processes and procedures, including testing, validation, and rollback.

Collaborates with other teams to coordinate release and deployment activities.

Release and deployment: Level 5


Leads the assessment, analysis, planning and design of release packages, including risk assessment.

Liaises with business and technology teams on release scheduling and communication of progress. Conducts post-release reviews and gathers feedback.

Ensures that release processes and procedures are applied , including testing, validation, and rollback capability.

Continuously improves the release and deployment process based on lessons learned and best practices. Identifies, evaluates and manages the adoption of appropriate release and deployment techniques, processes and automation tools.

Release and deployment: Level 6


Sets the release policy for the organisation in the context of both development and production/operations.

Implements processes, tools, and resources to ensure that the transition of services, service components and packages are planned and compliant.

Ensures that test, validation and configuration management are included in all release and deployment activities. Authorisese critical release activities and serves as an escalation point.

Drives continuous improvement of release and deployment processes, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Release and deployment: Level 7

This skill is not typically observed when working at this level of responsibility.