The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA View: Skills management

Skills management

Learning and development management ETMG

Delivering management, advisory and administrative services to support the development of knowledge, skills and competencies.

Learning design and development TMCR

Designing and developing resources to transfer knowledge, develop skills and change behaviours.

Learning delivery ETDL

Transferring knowledge, developing skills and changing behaviours using a range of techniques, resources and media.

Competency assessment LEDA

Assessing knowledge, skills, competency and behaviours by any means, whether formal or informal, against frameworks such as SFIA.

Certification scheme operation CSOP

Designing, developing and operating certification schemes, accreditations and credentials, including digital credentials or badges.

Teaching TEAC

Delivering and assessing curricula in a structured and systematic education environment.

Subject formation SUBF

Specifying, designing and developing curricula within a structured and systematic education environment.