The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA View: Set up agile culture and capabilities

Set up agile culture and capabilities

User research URCH

Identifying users' behaviours, needs and motivations using observational research methods.

Business situation analysis BUSA

Investigating business situations to define recommendations for improvement action.

Emerging technology monitoring EMRG

Identifying and assessing new and emerging technologies, products, services, methods and techniques.

Innovation INOV

Identifying, prioritising, incubating and exploiting opportunities provided by information, communication and digital technologies.

Organisational capability development OCDV

Providing leadership, advice and implementation support to assess organisational capabilities and to identify, prioritise and implement improvements.

Organisation design and implementation ORDI

Planning, designing and implementing an integrated organisation structure and culture.

Performance management PEMT

Improving organisational performance by developing the performance of individuals and workgroups to meet agreed objectives with measurable results.

Systems development management DLMG

Planning, estimating and executing systems development work to time, budget and quality targets.

Financial management FMIT

Supporting the effective use and control of financial resources.