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Change implementation planning and management CIPM

The definition and management of the process for deploying and integrating new digital capabilities into the business in a way that is sensitive to and fully compatible with business operations.

Moving to SFIA 8 

  • The skill has a broader scope and 2 new levels (level 3 & level 4)
  • It has been renamed as Organisational change management
  • The existing skill descriptions have also been edited for readability and guidance notes have been added 
  • Details available here - SFIA 8 Organisational change management 
  • SFIA 7 skill descriptions will remain available for you to use 
  • Previous SFIA assessments may be impacted by this change. 


Defined at these levels: 5 6

Change implementation planning and management: Levels 1-4

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at these levels of responsibility and accountability.

Change implementation planning and management: Level 5

Creates the business readiness plan, taking into consideration IT deployment, data migration, capability deployment (training and engagement activities) and any business activities required to integrate new digital processes or jobs into the "business as usual" environment. Determines the readiness levels of business users with regard to upcoming changes; uncovers readiness gaps and creates and implements action plans to close the gaps prior to going live. Assists the user community in the provision of transition support and change planning, and liaises with the project team. Monitors and reports progress on business readiness targets, business engagement activity, training design and deployment activities, key operational metrics and return to productivity measures. Defines the series and sequence of activities to bring stakeholders to the required level of commitment, prior to going live.

Change implementation planning and management: Level 6

Ensures that there is a business perspective on how any new technical capabilities will be integrated into the business, including planning around key business cycles, selecting appropriate customers for migration, etc. Initiates the business implementation plan, including all the activities that the business needs to do to prepare for new technical components and technologies. Ensures sites deliver site implementation plans that align with the overall plan. Tracks and reports against these activities to ensure progress. Defines and manages the activities to ensure achievement of the projected business benefits after delivery. Outlines key business engagement messages that need to be communicated throughout the programme/project.

Change implementation planning and management: Level 7

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at this level of responsibility and accountability.